by John Wall & Alex Rodgers

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John Wall - Computer
editing / sampling / composition / sound manipulation.

Alex Rodgers - Voice (both tracks) and voice manipulations (track1)

Allen Fisher - Text. No Longer Alone

Paul Richardson - Mastering

1 Wrong Foot the Servants & The Dark Shop
text by Alex Rodgers

Wrongfoot the Servants

Spare them the shit
Make them a bulwark.
Spread across the mats and slices.
Over the blood and mulch and bones
Teeming breaches of the
Mats and patches.
Flashing glipses through chinks and slits!
Wrongfoot the servants!
Have them:
Buy a cypher
Buy a 'jelly snake'
Them all agitated underlings
With useless mumanddad
AND fucking useles
Setter upper
Aspirant escapologist
In fjord
quirk of outersphere
Milky and nacreous smudging offset outland.
And (sensible) fear of promise in pearl
You to are useless.
One overitem to another...
Pulling back to citade

The Dark Shop

Mac truck poised to rot.
The rising prow in this frozen time.
On frozen rake.
Grizzled jaw by broken gate
a pedal stool of frosted clods, clogged indents top
walls of rubberine ,sagging, alien...
Oh membrane.
Solidified bloom on powders in medium..
Someones big black 'dildonics'
at all the wakes the lovelies smirking
In blacks ,filigree on swelling
with the butchers
with smirking, winning residue-irradiated crimson 'bolt on'
The frantic action round the pit
multiform probosci.
Flys eggs layed in lanes (the direction of travel)
The perpetual flailing of the livers.
The dark shop.

Alex Rodgers flanex@gmail.com

2 No Longer Alone
Poem ( parts 1 & 2 of 28 ) written by Allen Fisher

No Longer Alone

the erasure cycle is a function of our tipping point
you feel this in your chest and eyes
we are focussed by a custom-built optical tweezer
to the diffraction limit in this trap
small populations plan to get off the planet before this
their baggage remains on the runway
the tilt force averages over situations
in which our memory is switched to zero
we are too late for dissipation and noise immunity
we are irreversible
our physics of forgetting coexists
with our absence of care
aspiration to the intervention of intelligence
has been cancelled
stochastic energetics complement the resonance of collisions
thank you for your space and time you are no longer needed
dissipative processes summarise connections
between information and thermodynamics
individuals and hooded neighbours a
re monitored by their speed
by opening and closing the door to a bi-chamber
a technician collects
the faster or hot in one chamber the slower or cold in the other
determined by the stupidity of our decisions
there is no next time
we are all in this together
the erasure cycle is a function of our tipping point
we are no longer alone


before our tiredness sets the scale
our networks facilitate cooperation our social distance
crucial like genetic relations or knowing who we are with
to constrain the spread of pathogens
fear extinction causes partial erasure of fear memories
the degrees of remodeled spine induced by a crowd in the head
are the conditions that correlate with your extinction
correlate with the expression of your fibres
there is no neutral stimulus we are
repaired with the presentation of a conditioned response
repeated exposures to this diminish
our expression diminish our fortitude
fear regulates our activities
and only seems to overlap
our neuronal populations migrate into the amygdala,
the hippocampus and the front of the cortex
excited in a tailgate when the trees are frying
you’d think the weather change suddened
why would anyone water the plants
soon we will be in flight
you’d think cognitive declines were constrained
by something like blockage of gene transcription
and of course we try to reverse
with an epigenetic switch
the oil market may have tipped into a phase transition
and production may now be burnt inelastic
but these are merely surfaces and nanostructures
before our tiredness sets the scale


Sound fragments taken from


released October 1, 2020


all rights reserved



John Wall London, UK


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